Curious Habit

"Mr Bayford, one time leader of the Divorce Court, met a young man at dinner, who said he wanted to divorce his recently married wife. Mr Bayford asked him for the whole story. 'I'd rather not go into details. These things are very personal.' 'You'll have to face a court full of strangers and be cross-examined. Better tell it quietly to a friend who wants to help you.'

"'Well,' said the young man in a burst of confidence, 'the fact is that my wife insists on going to bed in her gloves.'

"Mr Bayford said that no doubt it was very annoying, but the law stopped short at habit as grounds for divorce.

"Years later, they met again and Mr Bayford learned that all was now well with the marriage. 'Do you mind telling me how you arranged it?' Mr Bayford asked. 'Not at all. I found out the answer after seeing you. That night, I went to bed in my boots."

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