Kevin Spacey: Phone-Free Zone

As artistic director of London's Old Vic theatre, Kevin Spacey regularly issued warnings to audiences to switch off their cell phones before performances. "I don't think people take things seriously," he once complained. "That's why mobile phones go off in the theatre... My answer is that I say to each audience 'Don't!' You have to respect the fact there is some degree of behaviour that we expect in the theatre and we're going to demand it at the Old Vic. It's a phone-free zone."

Indeed, Spacey occasionally made a point of embarrassing inconsiderate audience members. When a wayward phone rang during a London performance of "The Iceman Cometh," Spacey stopped the show to give the owner a word of advice: "Tell them we're busy."

["The next morning," Spacey recalled, "headlines! Spacey Attacks Theatre-Goers... If You Can't Behave Don't Come to my Theatre..."]

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