Joe Queenan: Anger Management

The writer and humorist Joe Queenan once visited an anger management therapist to discuss his tendency to scream at inconsiderate cell phone users. "I understand," the therapist said. "But what you need to think about is not what they are doing but what your needs are in that situation. What is it that you hope to get out of the situation?" "My needs are for them to shut the hell up," Queenan replied. "What I need to get out of the situation is take the phone and ram it down their throat!"

"You seem to be fixated on people with cell phones," the therapist noted. "Oh yeah." "But maybe these people aren't aware of what they're doing." "They are," Queenan replied, "once I'm through talking with them!"

[In 2004, 11 students were arrested at Woodlawn High School in Maryland after a fight broke out -- during an anger management assembly.]

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