Frederic March & Wallace Beery: Best Male Performance

"As the

[1932 Academy Awards] show began, votes were still being counted in a back room at the Ambassador Hotel. This caused confusion in the Best Actor category, in which Frederic March was initially announced as the winner.

"Later in the evening, long after he had his Oscar, the vote counters came back to report that March had indeed received the most votes, but his margin of victory over Wallace Beery was...a single vote.

"Academy rules said that a difference of fewer than three votes was considered a tie, so Wallace Beery [who starred in The Champ] was called to the stage and given his own statuette.

"Both Best Actor winners had adopted children earlier in the year -- a fact wryly noted by March, who commented, 'It seems a little odd that Wally and I were given awards for the best male performance of the year.'"

[Other sources have March saying: "It just happened that this year Mrs. March and I adopted a child and Mr. and Mrs. Beery adopted a child. And here we are, both getting awards for thebest male performance of the year!"]

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