Drew Carey: Hats Off to Ryan Stiles

One day on the set of "Who's Line is it Anyway," Drew Carey knocked Ryan Stiles' cap off as a joke. Stiles and the director threatened to retaliate.

"I didn't think anything of it," Carey recalled. "I was playing Caesar's Palace in Vegas that weekend. So I flew to Vegas and my bag was going through the metal detector, and it went through and then they backed it up and looked at it again, which was weird. And they sent it through again. And the guy said, 'Aren't you the guy from TV?' I went, 'Yeah, Drew Carey, nice to meet you.' And he said, 'Well, have fun in Vegas.' I said, 'Thanks, I will!'

"So I took my bag and we flew to Vegas. I got to Caesar's and I had a date. We had separate rooms but she was in my room and I opened my bag up and at the top of my bag they had put a ten-inch dildo with nails in it!"

[So what Drew do with it? "I threw it away -- in the ashtray trash by the elevator."]

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