Tom Green: Hotel Porn

Tom Green once traveled across Canada in a van with two of his friends, filming and editing assorted antics. Things went swimmingly, until about the third day.

"We realized that we were all sort of giddy," Green recalled. "And we realized at a certain point that the reason that we were all kind of hyperactive and hopped up was that we had all been living in a van together and we hadn't been... masturbating.

"We were living in a van so there was nowhere to really go. You couldn't go out behind a tree or something. We finally scraped up enough money to check into a hotel one day. So we checked into this hotel and the other two guys went off for lunch or dinner or something and I took the video camera that we had and I rented the hotel pornography, and I set it up and I made this tape... and I left a note for my friends that said, 'You can take the van out and watch the pornography on the video monitor.' But at the 3-minute point I lean in and go, 'Hey, how ya doin'!?'"

Green's only mistake? "It should have been about the 1-minute point."

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