Elvis Presley: Red Herring?

Though she was engaged to Frank Sinatra at the time, Juliet Prowse once had a torrid affair with her G. I. Blues costar Elvis Presley. During breaks in the production, the couple would visit Elvis' dressing room while his bodyguards stood sentry at the door.

During one of these escapades, Red West (one of Presley's bodyguards) pounded on the door and announced that Sinatra was coming down the hall. After a moment of panic, Elvis opened the door and realized that he was the victim of a practical joke.

Some time later, West made a frantic call from the lobby of the crew's hotel to warn Elvis, who was camped out in Juliet's room, that Sinatra had paid an unannounced visit to the building. Though West swore up and down that Frank was on his way up to Juliet's room, Elvis, convinced that he was pulling another hoax, hollered at West and hung up the phone. Moments later, Elvis left his lover's room -- and encountered Sinatra in the hallway.

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