"A few years back

[University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) chess boss Alan] Sherman had a hotshot player -- Oksana Tarassova -- who also happened to be quite attractive. Before a tough match, Tarassova decided to slip into a slinky, short blue dress with a plunging neckline. Her opponent, as might be expected, perhaps didn't keep his mind on the game. UMBC won."

["Another time, UMBC coach Igor Epstein noticed that one of the team's opponents was looking hungry. He remembered an old trick from his days teaching chess in Russia. He got the fattest, juiciest orange he could find, then peeled it just enough to let the fragrance drift out. He placed it right across the board from the famished foe. Chalk up another one for UMBC."]

["College chess, once the domain of 20-year-old whiz kids, has a ringer problem, players and officials say. Increasingly, the elite college teams -- most notably, the University of Maryland, Baltimore County -- are prospering by offering large scholarships to recruit grandmasters as old as 40 to represent them at tournaments." (Baltimore Sun, May 2003)]

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