Michael Moore: Champagne, Breath Mint...

Michael Moore once recalled the first words he heard after leaving the stage after collecting his Best Documentary Oscar for Bowling for Columbine:

"They've got two interns standing there. The first one is holding a thing of champagne and she goes, 'Champagne?' and the other person says, 'Breath mint?' As an Oscar winner, these are the first two words that you hear. Except I heard a third word. A stagehand came up to me and in my ear, he says, 'Bullshit!'... 'Champagne, breath mint, Bullshit!'"

["Last time I was on your show," Moore later told 'Tonight Show' host Jay Leno, "this man comes up to me backstage and says, 'I'm the spotlight operator here on alternative weeks and I'm the man who uttered that word in your ear at the Oscars and I just want to say I'm really sorry.' He said, 'It was the first week of the war and you said we were being led to war for fictitious reasons.. I couldn't believe that was true.' I said, 'Listen, you didn't do anything wrong. You did something right. You believed your president. You should be able to believe your president. So you don't need to apologize.' So it was a very nice moment."]

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