Paul Reubens & the DMV

One day in 2004, Paul Reubens visited the DMV to have his driver's licence renewed. "I go to the DMV in Hollywood," he recalled, "and I'm thinking, 'I hope I get recognized.' I never really think that but I thought, 'This would be a good place for this to happen.' So I'm trying to judge this woman and see, 'Is she going to recognize me?' And I kind of decided that no, she's not, and then I see a guy right behind her run over and... all of a sudden I'm behind the counter, where you never get to go, and a second later he opens a door and I'm in the bowels of the DMV.

"He puts me in a little cubicle, gives me the test and a pencil, and goes, 'I'll be right back. You'll be much more comfortable here.' I'm like, 'Great. This is just what I had in mind.' So I did the first question. I did the second question. The third one I decided was a trick question so I'm gonna come back to this. The guy comes back and he's standing over top of me and he goes, 'You didn't do the third question.' I go, 'Yeah, I can tell it's a trick question. I'm gonna come back to that one.' He goes, 'C.' So I immediately panicked. I immediately thought, 'There's a hidden camera somewhere. It's like a sting... Celebrity Perks..' So I go, 'You know, I'm fine. I studied.' He goes, 'E,' for the next one. He gives me another answer. I go, 'Haha, great. You know, I'm fine.' I'm really getting terrified. So I do a couple more. I hesistate for a minute. He goes, 'B.'

"So he leaves, I finish the test. He comes back. He grades it. I did really well on it. And he hands me a piece of paper that has all the employees in that DMV office with a little box next to each name... There were 60 autographs to do with the DMV office address on it. So I had to go home and sign 60 autographs!"

["I did it," Reubens added, "because I was afraid if I didn't I would be stopped somewhere and it would turn out that my address was fake or something!"]

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