George Foreman: Hand Wraps

"One day, this Little kid came by the gym to work out," George Foreman once recalled. "I said, 'Fine, but you can't hit the punching bag without hand urraps. They cost five dollars.' The kid's face told me he really wanted those hand wraps, but there wasn't no such thing as asking his parents or anybody else for the money. So I said, 'I know you don't have the five dollars. But as soon as you get it, I want you to pay me back.'

"Ten years passed. I came back to boxing and was getting ready to fight for the title again. I'm at a service station when a man I don't know [the manager] comes up and hands me five dollars. I said, 'What are you doing that for?' He said, 'Remember those hand wraps? You told me to pay you back when I got the money.'"

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