Jeremy Piven: Bumped

One day Jeremy Piven was bumped from a certain talk show for the umpteenth time. "That evening," he recalled, "they said, 'We feel so bad, go out eat whatever you want, drink, it's on us.' So I went to Nobu, my favorite restaurant in the world, and ate everything in sight and ordered, I think, 16 gallons of sake...

"Then we went out and I ordered tequila -- there were four of us -- and they brought it to us in test tubes... and my friends then told me they don't drink tequila.

"So twelve test tubes of tequila later... the DJ came out and said, 'I've never seen anyone drink that much...' The next thing I remember, it's 4:30 the next afternoon. I'm naked, the phone rings, and it's my publicist saying, 'You're back on. I'm in the lobby!'

"I ran to the sauna, did, you know, two pushups, drank some coffee, went on stage and I realized I was so hung over that the only move I had was to simulate malaria, so I told a story about malaria and passed out."

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