James Caan: Sports Camp

James Caan always had some interesting friends. "He said we were gonna go and see my godfather Andrew," his son, Scott Caan, recalled of one memorable occasion. "We were gonna go and visit him in sports camp, so I was excited. I was eight. I love sports...

"So we get to sports camp. I was playing soccer with everybody. I was playing basketball, ping pong, eating great food. We saw a boxing match. I had the best day of my life. And at the end of the day my pop goes, 'We've got to leave.' I go, 'No, no, can't we spend the night? Can't we sleep over?' He goes, 'No, we can't spend the night.' I go, 'Why not?' He goes, 'We can't...'

"Three days later we go home. I said, 'Can we go back to sports camp?' Finally he goes, 'Son, that wasn't sports camp. That was a federal prison.'"

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