Nikita Khrushchev - Russian Watches

"While Minister of Labour for Great Britain, I had the pleasure to have a meeting with President Khrushchev of the Soviet Union," Sir Edward Heath once recalled. "While discussing relations between our two countries, Mr. Khrushchev bluntly stated that Britain must do more trade with the Soviet Union and that we must buy more Russian goods, if trade relations were to be enhanced.

"I replied, 'Yes, I agree, but I have trouble getting the British people to buy British goods, let alone Russian! Besides, what is it that we could buy from you?'

"He staunchly answered, 'Well, you could buy Russian watches.' 'Russian watches!' I replied in amazement. 'Whatever for?' With amusement, he answered, 'Well, Russian watches are cheaper than Swiss watches, they are of better quality, they are more accurate, and they go faster!'"

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