ODB: Ol' Dipsy Bastard

"One time we was hanging out," the Wu-Tang Clan's RZA recalled of his cousin Ol' Dirty Bastard, "and a few of our guys got beat up. It was like, 'Yo, some guys from Bensonhurst beat us up!' So we went to go help.

"So we ran out there and ODB thought it was going to be a couple guys. It ended up being fifteen guys lined up with broken beer bottles all over the place... and we had... a brown paper bag and he puts his hand in the bag and says, 'Back up! Everybody back up!'

"So everybody starts backing up. They was scared. But this one guy was so drunk that he just kept coming, kept coming. So OD was like, 'Back up! Back up! Back up!' and the guy was like, 'Shoot me! Shoot me!' So OD took his hand out of the bag and was like [shaking his hand], 'No man, you know I won't shoot you.'"

So the situation was defused and everyone "got out alive." And what kind of gun was in the bag? "There was no gun," RZA recalled. "It was a bag of

[Dipsy Doodles] potato chips!"

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