Norman Lear: All in the Family

Legendary producer Norman Lear (famed for his production of such classic series as "Good Times," "Sanford and Son," and "All in the Family") was once invited to host "Saturday Night Live.""I have a routine that I've done with my daughter Kate since she was four years old," he recalled. "It's an ancient burlesque kind of sketch. I ask her to help me tell a joke and she tries very hard and messes up and I jump on her for it and she begs for another chance. She messes up in a different way and I jump on her. And it builds and I get angrier and angrier at this child. And it was always terribly funny. I had a wonderful relationship with Lorne, and I told him I'd love to do this [on the show] and he saw it and he said, 'Oh God, that's great. We'll do it.'"But we're now talking the live show. Lorne had somebody making cartoons... Halfway through this live show, I'm about to come out and Lorne says, 'I want to run the cartoon' and cut the sketch with my daughter. So pretty soon I'm out there introducing Boz Scaggs, my music act, and I'm looking at my daughter, who's sitting with her mother and her sister in such anticipation. And when it comes time to go to the cartoon, I instead start the thing with Kate, and I bring her up onstage, and we do the routine -- which played very well, very well. And Lorne never said a word to me, but I knew he was furious, and he had every right to be. But it was either my daughter or his wrath. And I chose my daughter. In a show business sense, it was not the thing to do. I'm guilty. But Lorne never said anything to me about it. He also never asked me back."

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