Among C. S. Forester's fans was the wily Winston Churchill: "For the frst time for many months I could read a book for pleasure," Churchill once recalled. "Oliver Lyttelton, Minister of State in Cairo, had given me Captain Hornblower, R.N. which I found vastly entertaining. When a chance came, I sent him the message, 'I find Hornblower admirable.' This caused perturbation in the Mlddie East Headquarters, where it was imagined that 'Hornblower' was the code-word for some special operation of which they had not been told."

[During World War II, Forester was sent to Berkeley, California. His assignment? To write propaganda designed to keep America on Britain's side.]

[In 1942, police and federal agents broke a suspicious code ("K1, P2, C08, K5") found in a Seattle woman's notebook. Its significance? Knitting instructions: "Knit one, purl two, cast on eight, knit five..."]

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