Dale Earnhardt: Race of Champions

Jeff Gordon's favorite memory of Dale Earnhardt came during an International Race of Champions practice at Daytona International Speedway."We were driving down the back straightaway," Gordon recalled. "It was Ken Schrader, myself and Dale. We came off of Turn 2. Dale was pushing me and I got a run and got underneath Schrader, and Dale decided he was going to take it three-wide. You're out having fun in the IROC cars anyway."So I'm sitting there in the middle of these two guys and I look over at Schrader. He's focused and intense. You could tell he wasn't going to let off. I looked over at Dale and he's sitting back [with his left hand on the wheel and his right arm draped over the roll cage] with a big grin on his face!"

["Any chance I got, I'd look over to see what he was doing because he was always grinning, or thumbs-up or doing something," Gordon added. "He was just a guy who loved what he did, and he was so good at it he was able to enjoy it even at its most intense moments."]

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