Jeannette Walls - Hot Tip from Dad

Jeannette Walls once received a call from her eccentric homeless dumpster-diving father, Rex, while she was on the phone with Donald Trump. "The other line starts ringing," she recalled, "and I'm letting it ring, because I'm talking to Donald Trump... He said, 'Do you need to get that?' I said, 'I'll get rid of 'em very quickly.' I put him on hold. 'Jeannette Walls.' 'Rex here.' 'Dad, I'm on the other line -- I'll call you back.' He said, 'No, you can't call me back.' I said, 'Dad, I'm talking to Donald Trump, O.K.?,' thinking he'd be impressed. He said, 'Hang up on that moneygrubbing son of a bitch! Honey, I got a Pulitzer in the bag for you right here. Grab your notepad, get in a taxi, and get on down here!' I could hear all this screaming and scuffling. He said, 'I've got under my arm here concrete evidence that's going to blow the city wide open! I got a drug dealer under my arm who says he's being paid by the Dinkins administration to run the squatters out of the squats!' 'Dad, I'm sorry, I am not going to run some allegation by some drug dealer.' He said, 'Ah, that's your problem, honey. You never reach for the stars!'"

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