Paul Bocuse & the Cheese Cart

In 2003, GQ food critic Alan Richman dined at the famous Restaurant Paul Bocuse, named for its owner, the celebrity chef who was named "chef of the century" by the GaultMillau restaurant guide. his verdict? "The cheese cart was unquestionably the worst I've come upon in a Michelin-starred restaurant. The theme: unripe cheeses with hard rolls. My knife literally bounced off an elasticized Camembert. There was an impressive quantity of cheese on the cart, but only because of mindless repetition -- a long line of tiny pyramids of goat cheese, disc after disc of the same St-Marcellin. I studied the selection carefully, looking for uncharacteristic ripeness, and when I noticed a promising St-Marcellin, I eagerly pointed to it. The indifferent captain ignored my request, stuck his knife into an already cut half-disc close to him, and dropped it on my plate. That's when we all burst out laughing... This is not how I would choose to remember the greatest cuisinier since the fabled Auguste Escoffier, but I have no choice, as I will never enter that establishment again."
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