Joseph Kennedy - the Muckers

As a student at Choate, JFK organized a rambunctious group which he dubbed "the Muckers," turning a term used by the headmaster to denote troublemakers and slackers into a badge of honor. When the headmaster learned of JFK's leading role in the group, he wired the boy's father inviting him to Wallingford for a little chat.

"Joe put aside his business as the head of the S.E.C. and arrived in Connecticut the following Sunday. In the headmaster's office, father and son listened to St. John recount the error of Jack's ways. Joe was vehement in his 'complete' support of the school, agreeing that Jack was motivated by 'conceit and childishness.' Jack was on very thin ice.

"But after the meeting had been going on in this vein for some time, St. John left the room for a few minutes to take a phone call. To Jack's surprise, Joe leaned in and whispered that if it had been his group the name would have started with another letter and 'you can be sure it wouldn't have started with the letter M!'"

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