Tom DeLay: Educational Purposes

When the DeLay scandal first broke, Republican majority leader Tom DeLay, a master at laundering corporate gifts through seemingly innocuous groups like the National Center for Public Policy Research, insisted that his first-class jet-setting was undertaken solely for "educational" purposes.

Among the "educational" junkets? DeLay's wife, Christine, and daughter, Danni Ferro, received $500,000 from his campaign for their political work on his behalf -- including a late-night party for corporate donors at the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, where a lobbyist poured champagne over Danni's head while she was in a hot tub on the balcony of DeLay's suite.

[DeLay also enjoyed lavish trips paid for by corporate lobbyists and foreign agents: he stayed at the luxurious Hapuna Beach Prince Hotel in Hawaii as a guest of the American Association of Airport Executives, who picked up the $52,000 tab and went golfing in Scotland, Russia and South Korea with family members and aides, racking up $283,000 in expenses covered by a host of special interests, including Enron, AT&T and the Nuclear Energy Institute.]

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