Reza Pahlavi - Shopping for a King

Following his father's death in 1980, Reza Pahlavi was crowned king of Iran (in exile in Cairo). Though his mother, Farah Pahlavi, refered to him in formal settings as "Your Majesty," Reza was wary of risking evetything to regain his throne. In 1986, Pahlavi married another Iranian expatriate (Yasmine Etemad-Amini) whose parents had fled to America during the revolution. Reza and Yasmine lived in Washington with their three daughters (with C.I.A. funding which ended after the Iran-Contra scandal). "Reza was shopping in Nordstrom's, buying plates," an Iranian-American acquaintance recalled. "A Persian woman came up to him, and said, in Persian, 'I should shatter these plates over your head! Why are you here, shopping, when you should be saving our country?'"

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