Howie Mandel - Physical Exam

One day in 2006, Howie Mandel visited his doctor's office for a physical exam. Because his regular doctor was ill, Howie was seen by one of his colleagues, who asked Howie if there was anything he should know before they began. "Actually, there is one thing," Howie joked. "There's a high-pitched tone... coming... from my testicles." When the doctor didn't laugh, Howie found himself taking the joke further than planned. Soon the doctor was kneeling on the floor, holding Howie's testicles "like a sea shell to his ear." "I don't hear anything," the man said. "Maybe they're light sensitive," Howie suggested. "It only happens at night, when we're trying to sleep. Could you check with the lights off?" The doctor reluctantly agreed and knelt and listened to Howie's testicles once again... So I started going, 'Mmmmmmmmm,'" Howie recalled. "And he said, 'You're doing that with your mouth!' And I said, 'Oh [smacking his forehead], so that's what it is!'"

[Howie was banished from the doctor's office.]

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