Clean Sweep?

"Most of the time Faulkner couldn't pay his grocery bill, and the grocer, among other local businessmen, was forever sending somebody out to his house to hunt him down. Faulkner was used to this, and to other unannounced visitors, so when one drove up the driveway, he began sweeping it like a workhand.

"'Where's Faulkner?' the visitor would inquire. And Faulkner, in overalls and a straw hat, head down, following the swish and swoop of his broom along the driveway would answer, 'Ain't seen 'im. Been sweepin' all day an' I ain't seen 'im-a-tall.'"

[What was William Faulkner doing when he found out he had won the Nobel Prize for Literature? Liming a field on his farm.]

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