Oh MI!

One day while working as a screenwriter in Hollywood, William Faulkner asked his producer whether he could work at home. Permission having been granted, several weeks went by with no word from the writer:

"I [literary and dramatic agent Leland Hayward] got a call one day from Metro. They were completely confused over there and they wanted to know where in hell was my client, William Faulkner! They were pretty sore -- nobody was supposed to walk out of Metro without letting the front office know where he'd gone.

"I didn't know where Bill was. He hadn't told me he was going anywhere. I got the office to start making calls all over the damned place, and finally we thought of trying him at his home in Mississippi, and sure enough, there he was.

"'What the hell are you doing down there?' I yelled on the phone, and he said, 'Well, ah asked my producer if ah could work at home, and he said fine, so heah ah am.'"

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