Ben Stiller Show

After a year on the cast of "Saturday Night Live," Ben Stiller wrote, produced and hosted his own sketch comedy show. The "The Ben Stiller Show" spent a year on MTV and a year on FOX -- which, to Stiller's dismay, cancelled it at the end of the season.

Had the plug been pulled as an act of mercy? Not at all. In fact, shortly after its untimely death, Stiller's show won an Emmy -- for best new television comedy!

["Not many of you, probably, know who the hell we are," Stiller said in his acceptance speech. "I can't believe we're here!" David Letterman's morning show was also cancelled (in October 1980) before winning a posthumous Emmy. And more recently, "Arrested Development" was put on hold after winning an Emmy for best comedy series (in 2004).]

[Stiller starting making Super-8 movies when he was 10 years old. The typical subject? Getting revenge on neighborhood bullies.]

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