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While lunching with a friend at the Beverly Hills Hotel one day, Carol Burnett was approached and interrupted by a slightly tipsy female fan. "Hey," she said, handing over a piece of paper, "you're Carol Burnett, aren't ya?" Burnett admitted that she was. "Wouldja sign your name, please?" the woman continued. "Just make it out to Pat." Burnett kindly obliged, writing: "To Pat, Best Wishes, Car' Burnett." The woman thanked her and returned to her table.

Some time later, however, the woman returned. "Hey! Car' Burnett!" she cried. "This is no good!" "What's the matter, Pat?" Burnett politely asked. "I can't for the life of me read your name," the woman exclaimed, handing her another piece of paper. "Gimme another autograph, will ya! Only this time, for heaven's sake, print it!"

[Burnett once appeared on the TV soap "All My Children". Her role? Verla Grubbs, daughter of a carnival snake charmer, who was searching for her long-lost father.]

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