Burton Gerber: Picture This

"Burton Gerber, a 39-year veteran of the CIA, was running spy operations in Berlin during the summer of 1958 when he and nearly all his comrades in espionage attended the wedding of a colleague. Gearing up for yet another Berlin crisis, the fatigued spies ate, drank and posed for pictures.

"Afterwards, attendees asked the groom whether they could have some pictures from the wedding. 'We didn't hire any photographer,' said the groom. There was stunned silence all around."

[In 2003, the CIA's World Factbook included a tiny Scottish village on its list of strategic hotspots: 30 miles from Glasgow, Forth had one school, two pubs, and a one-man police office comprising a converted shed between a row of terraced houses! When the Daily Record asked why the town had been included, the listing promptly disappeared from the agency's website. (ananova.com, 11th February 2003)]

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