Unscripted Solution

John Ford once directed a film for Samuel Goldwyn and MGM. When the shooting began to fall behind schedule, Goldwyn visited the set demanding an explanation from the negligent director. "Sam, about how many script pages do you think I should shoot each day?" Ford asked. "About five," Goldwyn declared. "Okay," Ford replied, tearing several pages from the script, "now we're on schedule." Incredibly, he never shot the missing pages.

[Ford later refused to allow scriptwriters or producers onto his sets. If either violated this rule, he would baldly ask: "Don't you have an office?"]

[Ford wore a black eye-patch and habitually chewed on the corner of a handkerchief. He also kept an accordion player (Danny Borzage) on hand at all times to create the proper atmosphere with such tunes as "Red River Valley" and "Bringing in the Sheaves."]

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