Commonwealth Sentinel

Lionel Burleigh's Commonwealth Sentinel, advertised on billboards as "Britain's most fearless newspaper," was launched in February 1965.

After a hectic week spent writing stories, selling advertisements, and supervising the first printing, Burleigh was interrupted in his room (at Brown's Hotel) by a call from the London constabulary.

"Are you anything to do with the Commonwealth Sentinel?" he was asked, "because there are 50,000 of them outside the entrance to Brown's Hotel and they're blocking Albemarle Street."

The problem? "We had forgotten," he explained, "to arrange any distribution." The Sentinel opened on February 6th, 1965 -- and closed on the 7th...

["To my knowledge, we only sold one copy," Burleigh later remarked. "I still have the shilling in my drawer." The single issue was sold by Burleigh's daughter to a passer-by -- and duly commemorated with a photograph.]

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