Perhaps a Telescope...

Though best known as an astronomer, Sir Patrick Moore was -- thanks to his "medium-paced leg-breaks with a long, leaping, kangaroo-type action" -- also a moderately successful cricket bowler. His batting, however, was another story...

"In a playing career which extends over half a century with the Lord's Taverners and his village team in Sussex, he has achieved a superb batting average of 0.8 runs an innings and has only broken into double figures once since 1949. In his best season (1948) he scored only one run and that was from a dropped catch. That year he shattered the existing record for the most consecutive ducks (a measly eight) when he powered to a magnificent eighteen on the trot.

"There are two possible explanations for his prowess. Moorehimself puts it down to having only two strokes, 'a cow shot toleg' and 'a desperate forward swat' which he uses in strict rotation.Furthermore, he does not wear spectacles when batting. 'Someonesaid it wouldn't make any difference if I wore binoculars.'"

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