Poffo's Horse

"Many of today's professional wrestlers were once athletes in college and pro sports. One of them was a man named Randy Poffo, now known as Randy 'Macho Man' Savage. Savage was a catcher in the Cincinatti Reds' organization playing in the minors in Sarasota, Florida.

"Poffo got a hot tip on a horse running one day at a local track. He figured how long he could play in that day's game and still make it on time to place a bet on the horse. Poffo was reportedly very quiet that day, which was rare. Until the time came for him to leave.

"The story goes that Poffo called for the pitcher to throw the ball a few feet outside, obviously a ball. At which point Poffo turned to the umpire and argued until he was thrown out of the game and he could go to the track."

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