Music Box

"During a European tour,

[John Kenneth] Galbraith was presented with a tiny gold-plated music box attached to a key ring. Some time later, while in Sweden, he visited the men's room in a hotel. As he stood at the urinal beside a blond, sad-looking Swede, Galbraith played with his car keys, which were now attached to the new key ring, and accidentally set off the music box. As the first notes of

[Johann Strauss's] Tales from the Vienna Woods struck up, Galbraith's neighbor glanced down at the apparent source of the music and fled from the room.

"Galbraith hurried after the Swede in order to explain but was brought up short by his wife, who, having just witnessed the flight of the other man from the washroom, eyed him with the deepest suspicion. It was some time before all was untangled."

[In June 2003, villagers in India held a Hindu religious ceremony to drive away a ghost from a school toilet after three students reportedly suffered epileptic fits after visiting it.]

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