Reverend Hartke: Blue Laguna?

Reverend Hartke was a confidante of many American presidents, a national leader in the theater, and a close friend of dozens of Hollywood and Broadway stars. When the celebrated founder of the Catholic University of America's drama department arranged scholarships for his students, he expected them to accept a job of some sort in exchange. (Susan Sarandon, for example, once worked in the drama department's business office, and Jon Voight and Philip Bosco helped building stage scenery.)

During the 1950s, future "Laugh-In" comedian Henry Gibson was assigned to chauffeur a Cadillac which had been donated to the drama department.

One day while he was at the wheel, Gibson asked, "Father, why is it that you're a Catholic monk, and you're driving around in a blue Cadillac?"

There was a pause before Father Hartke answered. "Child," he finally declared, "blue is the color of the Blessed Mother!"

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