Buckey O'Neill

The lawyer, miner, cowboy, sheriff, and congressman Buckey O'Neill was one of Teddy Roosevelt's Rough Riders during the Spanish-American War. Prior to the famous charge up Kettle Hill, one of O'Neill's sergeants noticed him standing and smoking a cigarette while he joked with his troops -- with little concern for the intense fire coming from a nearby ridge -- and admonished him to take some cover. "Captain," he called, "a bullet is sure to hit you!" "Sergeant, the Spanish bullet isn't made that will kill me," O'Neill replied, before turning to another officer. As he began to speak, a bullet struck him in the face.

"I heard the bullet," a private recalled. "You usually can if you're close enough, you know. It makes a sort of splat. He was dead before he hit the ground."

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