Made In Japan

"When... [former Vice President John] Garner visited Tokyo en route to the Philippines, he told friends in his jovial way that when he was received by the Emperor he was going to take an American

[Ingersoll] dollar watch from his pocket, and say, 'Your Majesty, here is one thing you folks can't imitate and undersell!'

"Horrified, the Americans in Japan told Mr. Garner that he must under no circumstances do this since, if he did, the Emperor's aides in the room would consider that the Emperor had been insulted and would have to commit suicide.

"In any case Garner gave up the idea -- after finding several Japanese watches that were imitation Ingersolls selling for thirty cents."

[In ancient Greece, the Olympic games were held every four years irrespective of political circumstances. Skirmishes were halted, if necessary, to "let the games go on." Although the modern Olympics were instituted in 1896 with the same pacific spirit in mind, they were not able to cool tempers during World War II; had its belligerent participants been willing to stop the war, the 1940 Olympic Games might have been held as scheduled: in Tokyo.]

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