David "C-Diddy" Jung - Air Guitar Champion

In August 2003, David "C-Diddy" Jung, having won the first annual U.S. Air Guitar Championships in Los Angeles, represented America at the eighth annual Air Guitar World Championships in Finland.

"Practice and study are essential, so buy a good set of headsets and a ton of excellent CDs," Jung advised aspiring competitors. "Stretching helps, as well as finger-strengthening exercises. Remember, the whole point of technique and training is to be able to give yourself to the moment and trust enough in your technique to let it go. Don't worry about your talent, because if you had any you wouldn't be playing air guitar!"

["He's been giving autographs," Jay Leno later joked of Jung, "and just pretendng to sign his name."]

[In October 2003, a "17-year-old" air guitar auctioned on eBay as a joke received a bid of ?25,000. "If he pays up I'll give the cash to charity," the seller said of the Russian bidder. "Most people have seen the funny side -- one contacted me to ask if I'd take an air cheque."]

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