World Government Crusade

Gilbert Young's World Government Crusade -- a book outlining the policies of the "World Government and Old Age Pensioners' Party" which he founded in 1958 -- holds a dubious record, having been rejected by more publishers than any other manuscript in history. "A copy seems to come back every day," Young remarked in 1973. Some time later, he wrote to the Soviet Ambassador in London to see whether a Russian publisher might be interested. Young soon received an answer: No. Nor were a further 99 British publishers, bringing Young's total (by the mid-1980s) to 205 rejection slips, all of which he kept as mementos. Sadly, Young's souvenir-hunting eventually trickled to an end. Explained the author: "I am running out of publishers to try!"

[Among Gilbert's suggeestions? Turning Buckingham Palace into anold age home.]

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