Sarah Michelle Gellar: Booger King

In 1981, four-year-old Sarah Michelle Gellar appeared in her first big role -- in a Burger King ad. "I was the little 'Burger King' girl that couldn't say the word 'burger,'" she later recalled. "It sort of came out, 'booger.'" In the ad, Sarah criticised McDonalds for their paltry products and claimed to eat nothing but Burger King burgers -- marking the first time a commercial had named and claimed to outdo a competitor. McDonalds promptly sued Burger King, J. Walter Thompson (its ad agency), and Sarah Michelle Gellar. The case was eventually settled out of court, but not before Sarah had testified in court.

Some time later, Sarah was invited to a friend's birthday party -- at McDonalds. She went but, wary of "truth in advertising" laws, she insisted on wearing a disguise: a giant hat and tinted glasses.

[Ironically, McDonalds later sponsored "Buffy the Vampire Slayer."]

["When it comes to Ronald McDonald, McDonald's doesn't clown around. It won't even admit that there is more than one Ronald... So protective is McDonald's of the character's mystique that men who play Ronald are never to admit that they do. Ronalds in costume aren't to say who they are in civilian life. That rather annoyed Craig A. Oatten, a police chief in Michigan, when a Ronald, in full red-and-yellow regalia, got into a fender bender near Saginaw a few years ago. Asked several times, the Ronald steadfastly refused to give his name for the police report." (Because there were no injuries, the clown was spared a trip downtown.)]

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