Frane Selak: Nine Lives?

After winning nearly $1 million in a lottery in his native Croatia in June 2003, Frane Selak was dubbed the luckiest man alive. Since 1962, Frane had survived several accidents including:
* train and bus plunges into frigid rivers,
* a car plunge off a mountain,
* two car explosions,
* a collision with a bus, and
* two plane crashes, in the second of which, he was sucked from the aircraft shortly before it crashed and hurled into a haystack.

[Frane, a retired music teacher, credited religion with his good luck. He used the money to buy a new car and speedboat, and to marry his girlfriend.]

[In March 2001, a small plane made an emergency landing on a Tennessee highway -- after crashing into a sign reading "Be Alert, Arrive Unhurt."]

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