Random Search

In August 2002, a female accountant was singled out for a random search before boarding a plane at New York's JFK International Airport.

When a male airport security guard found three feeding bottles (containing breast milk) in her bag, the woman was ordered to drink from each one to prove that the substance was not in fact a deadly poison for use in a dastardly plot to hijack the plane.

When the guard rejected her suggestion that she daub some milk on her arm and lick it off, she obediently took several sips from each bottle. Some time later, however, she retained the services of famed civil rights lawyer Ron Kuby and threatened to sue.

"I'm all for random searches," Kuby declared on his client's behalf, "but I think the number of Caucasian, lactating mothers who have passed through al Qaeda training camps is negligible!"

[US Transportation Security Administration rules then required only that any liquid be carried in a resealable container that can be sent through a scanning machine without spilling.]

[For publishing an underground newspaper, Kuby was expelled -- from junior high school. "First there was Lenin, then there was Mao," Curtis Sliwa once said of his cohost. "Now it's Ron Kuby."]

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