In 1973, Jerry Reinsdorf, having learned how to establish tax shelters while working for the Internal Revenue Service, founded a company (Balcor) specializing in the sale of real-estate limited partnerships (RELPs). Reinsdorf had soon raised $650 million to lavish upon construction projects, realizing a small fortune in the process.

During these heady days, Reinsdorf was once asked in which business he specialized. "OPM," he roguishly replied. OPM? "Other People's Money!"

[Jerry Reinsdorf's enviable negotiating skills were well-honed long before he arrived at Northwestern University in 1957. While enrolled there, he was offered a full scholarship by the University of Chicago. Playing the schools off against one another other, he told a Northwestern dean that he could not turn Chicago's offer down. Sure enough, Reinsdorf soon had a Northwestern scholarship. His program? What else: law school!]

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