Mark Twain walks 130 miles for a job

In order to apply for the post of reporter-at-large with the Territorial Enterprise, Samuel Clemens walked 130 miles to Virginia City in Nevada Territory. He arrived at the paper's offices on a hot afternoon in August, a "dust-covered, weary stranger in a slouch hat, with a revolver slung on his belt, and a roll of blankets on his back. He wore a blue woolen shirt and dusty trousers tucked into his boots. Dropping into a chair, he announced, 'My starboard leg seems to be unshipped. I'd like about one hundred yards of line; I think I am falling to pieces... My name is Clemens, and I've come to write for the paper.'"

[As Albert Bigelow Paine remarked, "It was the master of the world's widest estate come to claim his kingdom."]

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