Bye Bye Birdie

Shortly after Charles Nelson Reilly struck it rich with his role in Bye Bye Birdie, he took his mother to Elaine Kaufman's famous restaurant (Elaine's) in New York:

"He booked a table for his mother, who he was meeting at the train," Elaine recalled. "He wanted to give Mom a very nice dinner. So when the menus arrived, he says, 'C'mon Mom, order, I've got money now, we're O.K.' And she says, 'I'd like a cheese sandwich.' He says, 'Have something else! Please!' But that's all she wanted. Poor Charles was destroyed.

"But then he tried to do something nice for his father, who didn't have any teeth. So with his newfound money, Charles bought his father a set of choppers. The next thing Charles knew, now resplendent with his new teeth, his father split from his mother for greener pastures."

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