What The Hecht?

Though he was earning $2,500 every week promoting real estate during the Florida property boom in the early 1920s, Ben Hecht did not believe the boom would last.

Incredibly, rather than deposit money in a bank, Hecht took to hiding his earnings in bankrolls -- and carrying them on his person.

The problem? He often carried so much money (as much as thirty thousand dollars) that jokes were often made on account of his apparent weight problem!

[Hecht later laughed all the way to the bank: After the inevitable crash in 1929, he was one of very few people to escape with the money he had made during the boom.]

[Natives of Papua, New Guinea who deposit their money in the bank at Port Moresby do not receive a numbered account. Instead, they are identified by the names of fish, birds, and other natural objects. Among their customers? "Sawfish" and "hornbill."]

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