One summer day in 1986, the Russian journalist Nicholas Daniloff was speaking on the telephone with his wife. As the conversation turned to domestic concerns, suddenly the line went dead. Daniloff's wife, apparently, had said something which prompted eavesdropping agents to cut her off. Her suspicious remark? "Zeus has fleas."

[Zeus, of course, was the family dog. Daniloff was accused of espionage, arrested, and later released (in September, 1986).]

[In a bid to combat Germany's deadly panzer divisions during World War II, the Russians trained a team of dogs to associate food with approaching tanks. The "dog mines" -- strapped with explosives -- served valiantly in their first battle. Because Russian tanks had been used during training, however, as soon as the salivating hounds were released, they ran not to German but to Russian tanks...]

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