Divine Retribution?

"The Sunday revivalist sessions of the little brown-skinned man who has called himself successively, The Messenger, Major J. Divine, Father Divine and, finally, God, became so popular, so noisy with angelic shouts and song that one night the police carted God and 80 angels -- 15 of whom were white -- to jail. Convicted of maintaining a public nuisance Divine was fined 500 dollars and sentenced to a year in jail. On hearing his sentence he warned the judge, 'You can't convict God. All who oppose me, I destroy.' Four days later the judge was dead of a heart attack."

[Loudly, the Angels rejoiced at this punishment for opposing God's will. To make the incident more fantastic, the sentence was reversed on appeal and God went free. The story catapulted Father Divine from a small-time cult leader to national prominence.]

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