Duc d'Aumale - Forever France

The millitary incompetence and consequent surrender of Marshal Achille Bazaine (who commanded the French troops in the fortress of Metz during the Franco-Prussian War) drained France of her last resorces and rendered her incapable of withstanding the German onslaught. In 1873, the marshal was arraigned before a French military court and charged with neglect of duty for capitulating to the enemy.

At one ponit during the proceedings, the marshal reminded the Duc d'Aumale (the presiding judge) of the awful state of affairs at the time of his defeat: "There was no government, there was no order," he complained, "there was nothing!" The Duc's reply? "There was still France!"

[An infantry sublieutenant by the age of fifteen, Aumale once declared his only ambition "to be the forty-third Bourbon to be killed on the field of battle."]

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