Dustin Diamond & Matthew Perry

Dustin Diamond (famed for his role as "Screech" on "Saved by the Bell") once spotted "Friends" star Matthew Perry in a Los Angeles restaurant. Having briefly worked with him in the 1980s, Diamond approached Perry and said hello. When the actor failed to recognize him and rudely turned away, Diamond explained that he had played "Screech" on "Saved by the Bell." "Good for you," Perry replied, before turning back to his friends.

Some time later, Diamond attended NBC's 75th Anniversary bash, where he happened to spot Matthew Perry once again. Again he said hello and again he was snubbed. Diamond, who was carrying a tube of Vicodin for a sore tooth, also spotted "SNL" star (and friend) Jimmy Fallon being hounded by autograph-seekers. As a joke, he approached Fallon pretending to be a fan. Then, producing his tube of Vicodin, he asked whether Fallon would sign it. Fallon laughed and agreed that it was a funny gag. Thus inspired, Diamond approached Perry, produced the tube, and repeated his request. Perry, apparently, was not amused. "Oh, dear lord," he exclaimed before walking away.

While driving home from the party, Diamond related the story to his girlfriend. "You do realize," she sarcastically remarked, "that he checked himself into a clinic for addiction to Vicodin." Diamond's reply? "Oh, dear lord!"

[Perry once confessed that he was so high during the production of Saving Sara that he had no recollection of making the film.]

[Diamond once worked as a live mannequin in a clothing store. He then moved on to acting and comedy: "A lot of people do standup comedy in hopes of landing a television series," he once remarked. "Well, I'm just the opposite. I've already had a TV series and now I'm doing standup. If this doesn't work, soon I'll be doing security with Gary Coleman."]

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